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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Question: What is the Pay Of Rewards?
Answer: Pay Of Reward is an internet advertising program. We offer our members the opportunity to advertise their referral or affiliate banners and text ads. We also pay our member a daily rebate, depending on our generating revenue. We are not an investment company or HYIP. On joining, you will 1st purchase a monthly Subscription in Subscription you will get an advertisement rewards that you can use to advertise your business.

Question: What are Your Membership Requirements?
Answer: You must be at least 18 years old to participate in Pay Of Rewards.
Members must read our TERMS & CONDITIONS before joining in Pay Of Rewards" Program.

Question: How do I open my Account?
Answer: It's quite easy. Follow the registration link fill in the registration form and then press *JOIN PAY OF REWARDS*.

Question: How can i make a refer?
Answer: Signup your refer account though your Affiliate link.

Question: Is my personal information protected with your company?
Answer: All personal information that you provide is privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Question: What's the Pay OF Rewards Refund policy?
Answer: All sales and payments are final. Pay OF Rewards Doesn't offer any refunds.

Question: How many account allow in one Pc or in one ip?
Answer: You can make a multiple accounts on one pc/ip.

Question: Can one person make more then one account?
Answer: No, only one account allowed for one person.

Question: How can I join?
Answer: You need to register an account by filling out our registration form. Be sure that you read our terms & conditions first before you submit the registration form.

Question: What is the cost of one VIP Point?
Answer: The cost of one VIP Point is $1.00

Question: How many VIP Points can I purchase?
Answer: You can purchase as many as you want.

Question: What product do I receive when I purchase VIP Points?
Answer: With the purchase of VIP Points you will receive 100 banner impressions on per VIP Point you purchase and 100 text ad impressions on per VIP Point you purchase . Make sure to use the ad impressions as this is what you have paid for. This is a simple process that you will be trained to do.

Question: Do i need to submit ads to get daily cash rewards?
Answer: Yes, you have to submit ads daily to qualified for cash rewards.

Question: When does my VIP Points expire?
Answer: VIP Points expire after 90 days.

Question: Is there any yearly or monthly membership fee?
Answer: Yes there is monthly subscription fee. We also offer a free account.

Question: Can I earn without investing money?
Answer: Yes, You can. We are paying 20% referral commission to members.

Question: Can a free user allow to withdraw commissions?
Answer: Yes it can.

Question: Can a user use its commissions to pay Subscription fees?
Answer: Yes, user can use its commissions to pay Subscription.

Question: Do my old VIP Points earn commission when I purchase new VIP Points?
Answer: Yes it can.

Question: Can I earn from my referrals?
Answer: Yes. You can earn in two different ways

1. Premium Subscription referrals commissions.
Sponsor a Silver as a Free or Premium Member, you receive $2 or 20% as long as they remain active premium membership.
Sponsor a Gold as a Free or Premium Member, you receive $10 or 20% as long as they remain active premium membership.
Sponsor a Diamond as a Free or Premium Member, you receive $20 or 20% as long as they remain active premium membership.

2. You can earn up to 2 levels commission on purchase of VIP Points.
Free no commission
Silver Level 1: 5.00% , Level 2: 2.50%
Gold Level 1: 7.00% , Level 2: 3.50%
Diamond Level 1: 10.00% , Level 2: 5.00%

Question: What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
Answer: The minimum withdrawal amount is $20.

Question: Is there any charges on withdrawals?
Answer: No there is charges on any withdrawals.

Question: After I make a withdrawal request, when will the funds be available on my online payment processor account?
Answer: It takes up to 15 days for us to process the payout, after your withdrawal request.

Question: I want to make Payment but I don't have an online payment processor account. What should I do?
Answer: You can open a free online payment processor account on the following payment processors by using these URL:www.egopay.com, www.solidtrustpay.com

Question: Which online payment processors do you accept?
Answer: We accept Solidtrustpay & Ego pay.

Question: How can I change my password?
Answer: You can change your password directly from your back office under Account Management Tools.

Question: Are there promotional material?
Answer: Yes, all registered member of PayOfRewards has a referral link that can be used to refer people globally.
*Splash Pages are Available for better prospecting*.

Question: Can I Change My Sponsor?
Answer: No. Please make sure your sponsor is correct during the sign-up process. This cannot be changed.